The Qred is the world’s first truly portable high performance near-
infrared  (NIR)  spectrometer.  On  a  footprint  smaller  than  a  credit  
card,  it  includes  a  high-throughput  Czerny-Turner  optics  with  a  
TEC-cooled  InGaAs  image  sensor.  The  Qred  spectrometer  breaks  
the size and cost barriers that prevented widespread applications
of  NIR  spectroscopy  in  many  fields  including  food  safety,  quality  
control, medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical analysis.
The advanced thermal design provides high thermal stability and
excellent  heat  transfer  without  a  fan.  The  rugged  design  with  no  
moving parts ensures reliable operation in rough environments.
The Qred includes a powerful microcontroller that enables:
• Full processing of spectra in the device (offset, nonlinearity,
dark spectrum, spectral sensitivity)Averaging and smoothing
• Binning and buffering of spectra
• Complex application-specific evaluation algorithms
• A large choice of available communication interfaces
• An I/O connector for analog and digital signals


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