1029 NM Nanosecond Laser



Minimum Value

Typical Value

Maximum Value

 Central Wavelength, nm102810301032
 Longitudinal modes-multiple-
 Spectral line width FWHM, nm-0.71
 Output power, mW-As per request500
 Pulse duration, ns (polarized version)
 Pulse duration, ns (non-polarized version)
 Repetition rate, kHz (depending on pulse energy)1As per request35
 Pulse energy, µJ-As per request100
 Power stability, % (RMS, 8 hrs)-0.5 11
 Pulse-to-pulse stability-25
 Transversal modes-TEM00-
 Beam Diameter at Aperture (1/e2), mm-1-
 Beam divergence (full angle), mrad-11.1
 M2 effective-1.11.2
 Polarization direction-Horizontal 2-
 Polarization contrast-better than 500:1-
 Control interface type-UART/USB-
 Operation mode-APC (CW)-
 Input voltage, VDC-5-
 External power supply requirement-+5 V DC, 5A-
 Dimensions (L-W-H), mm-50 x 30 x 16 3-
 Beam height from the base, mm-10.4-
 Heat-sinking requirement, °C/W-0.5-
 Optimum heatsink temperature, °C-20-
 Warm up time, mins (cold start)-10-
 Temperature stabilization-Yes-
 Overheat protection-Yes-
 Storage temperature, °C (non-condensing)---
 Net weight, kg-0.29-
 Max. power consumption, W-14 (10000)-
 Warranty, months (op. hrs)-14 (10000) 4-
 CE compliance-- General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) 2001/95/EC 
- (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC
 Laser Safety Class-3B-
 OEM lasers are not compliant with-IEC60825-1:2014 (compliant using additional accessories)-

1 Long term power test is carried out using an optical power meter with an input bandwidth of 10 Hz. Actual measurement rate has a period of about 20 seconds to 1 minute.
2 For lasers without integrated optical isolators.
3 Excluding control interface pins and an output window/fiber assembly.
4 Whichever occurs first. The laser has an integrated operational hours counter.

Accessories available:

- RS232 control interface for Matchbox AM-C3
- 25 W Power Supply (European Power cable) AM-P1
- Compact cooler for Matchbox 2 AM-H8
- Cooler for Matchbox 2 AM-H3
- Replacement adapter for Coherent CUBE type of Lasers AM-H6
- Replacement adapter for Coherent OBIS type of Lasers AM-H5

Potential applications of 1029 nm Nanosecond Lasers: LIBS Spectrocopy | Marking

In this video, you will see the capabilities and different options for the Matchbox lasers:

If you work with lasers, remember the following sections:
Laser protection and safety
Laser power and energy measurement

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1029 NM Nanosecond Laser

1029 NM Nanosecond Laser

1029 nm nanosecond laser module is a turnkey laser featuring high pulse energy and a pulse duration of less than 2 nanoseconds. High pulse energy and compact package make this laser suitable for Light Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) applications, as well as marking.

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