FTIR spectral sensor 1350-2500nm (OEM)

NeoSpectra Micro is a NIR-SWIR spectral sensor in chip format based on an innovative technology (FT-IR technology) that allows the measurement capacity of an FTIR system in a compact package, and at the speed of measurement required the industry. The NeoSpectra Micro delivers the spectral response of the light absorbed by materials for its quantification, qualification or identification, offering the performance of a spectrometer in the infrared at he low price of a sensor.

Suitable for OEM applications and integration in machines and systems (among other things due to its low price and small size), even for consumer electronics and mobile devices. In particular, these sensors are developed for the monitoring of the quality of processes and for the detection of substances in general.

The spectra, control signals and power goes through the pins (SPI).

These are the elements of the NIR-SWIR FTIR spectral sensor (permanently aligned):
- Chip MEMS: monolithic Michelson interferometer
- Photodetector: uncooled InGaAs
- ASICs: for control and data processing
- integrated optical head with illumination, for reflection measurements
The optical head can be removed for transmission measurements

Measurement range:
- 1350 - 2500 nm (the largest range available in NIR-SWIR spectral sensors of this style)

- Sensing and monitoring of CO2 and other gases, HVAC
- Control and processing in food industry (olive oil, nuts, etc ...)
- Fuel quality
- Sensing and monitoring of hydrocarbons
- Process monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry
- Online measurement of paper moisture
- Aerial sensing in drones

As an example, the moisture content is a critical parameter in many industrial processes, such as in the pharmaceutical, oil, feed, milk, general food, agriculture, forgery or paper industries.

The applications also include the measurement of hydrocarbons in the petrochemical industry, CO2 in ventilation applications or many other gas measurements.

Features and benefits:
- Economical and low consumption
- Robust and very small (3 x 3 x 2 cm)
- Versatile and fast
- Easily scalable to large volumes
- OEM chip versions and version with control and USB2.0 connection (NeoSpectra Module)


Wavelength RangePSD*> max PSD/101,350 - 2,500nm
ResolutionAt λ=1,550 nm, FWHM criterion16nm
Typical SNR (rms)2 s Scan time, default optical head, @λ = 2,350 nm> 2,000:1-
TemperatureOperation-5 to +40ºC
Wavelength Accuracy@λ = 1,400 nm; temperature <40ºC± 1.5nm
Wavelength Repeatability@λ = 1,400 nm; absorbance level = 0.5 A.U., Resolution: 16 nm± 0.15nm
DimensionsWith default optical head30 x 30 x 20mm3
VoltagePower supply3.3V
 Communication pins3.3V
Number of bulbsDefault optical headConfigurable 3 lamps-
Bulb lifetimeDefault optical head> 10,000 (continuous operation)hrs
Diameter of collected light beamDefault optical head2.5mm


If you wish, we also have this spectral sensor with electronics and control, and fiber optic input: NeoSpectra Module

We also have a development kit to help you develop your application and reduce time-to-market. The NeoSpecra Micro Development Kit kit consists of:
- Optical module in PCB
- Sampling interface with light source
- Card with SPI interface and Raspberry Pi

The modes of use are:
- PC: via USB connection
- Standalone: interface to Raspberry Pi by SPI
- SPI direct

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FTIR spectral sensor 1350-2500nm (OEM)

FTIR spectral sensor 1350-2500nm (OEM)

NeoSpectra Micro: FTIR spectral sensor in chip format in the near infrared NIR, SWIR-MIR (1350 - 2500 nm), for industrial processes and measurement in production line.

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